We constantly interact with others – in person, on-line, sometimes also in our heads. Yet many philosophical and experimental accounts still focus on  isolated individuals. We combine perspectives, methods and most uniquely people coming from philosophy, cognitive and computational neuroscience, to examine interactive and integrative intelligence :  when and how interactions transform the way individuals otherwise perceive and decide. Extending these interests, we look at interactions between humans and AI, and how the science of science communication can integrate collective, interactive perspectives and measures.  


Courses & seminars in philosophy of mind, cognitive science start on April 25th 2022. See here.

April 2nd: Azenet Lopez, “Attention and the precision of color perception”, SSPP, USA.

April 21st : Ophelia Deroy, “Effort as metacognitive currency”, Striving & Doing Workshop, Switzerland 

April 24th : Jurgis Karpus, “AI & social dilemmas”, Bridges international conference on human AI interactions

June 30th: Azenet Lopez, “If attention is graded, can consciousness be all or nothing?”, Conscious and Unconscious Mind conference, Czech Republic.

June 5th : Brian Butterworth, MCN lectures