Current Events


During the winter semester. we are covering the following topics : 

– Fundamentals in philosophy of mind (contact : Slawa Loev)

– Mental representations (contact : Sofiia Rappe/Lucas Battich)  

– Responsibility in mind :  Control and free will (contact Mark Carstensten). 

– Rational choice (contact : Jurgis Karpus) 

– Minds and methods (finalist seminar, contact : Anita Kehmirian)  

Lab meetings

Wednesdays 10-12pm 

By invitation/special request only 

Public Events


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PhDs and Postdocs

Next call for PhD positions will open in December 

Interested in a post-doc at the CVBe, combining philosophy and cognitive sciences? We host individual fellowships on third-party funding (EU, DAAD, DFG, Humboldt, etc.)  

Research Assistants

Stay tuned. 

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