About me

Antonio Scarafone

I completed my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Reading (UK), and am now a postdoctoral researcher in the Cognition, Values, Behaviour and Crowd Cognition research groups at the LMU Munich. My research lies at the intersection of philosophy and psychology. In particular, I focus on prelinguistic communication, joint attention, and cognitive development. I am primarily interested on how social interactions shape the developing mind, and the role of normativity in these processes.

Areas of interest:
prelinguistic communication, cognitive development, normativity, common ground

I am working on:

Common Ground in Development

I aim to develop a coherent conceptualisation of common ground for prelinguistic communication, where common ground as a normative condition is distinguished from the psychology of the interactants.
Infant Pointing

 I am developing a theory of infant pointing which individuates its communicative function, explains the interplay between pointing and the common ground, and does so in a way that illuminates some of the roles played by pointing in cognitive development.

Communication and “Mindreading” in infancy

I investigate the relationship between infant communicative behaviour and what is measured by experiments on their abilities to reason about others’ intentions and beliefs.

I have worked on:

Creating a Common Ground

I laid the foundations for my current research in my PhD thesis, where I elaborate a commitment-based theory of prelinguistic communication and defend it against popular “Gricean” alternatives, on both philosophical and experimental grounds.


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