About me

I did my PhD and Postdoc investigating the neural circuit involved in Drosophila motion vision. In 2016 I joined the science democratization organization Backyard Brains focussing on Summer Fellowships, Science Communication, and Citizen Science. I joined the CVBE Research group in 2023 investigating perception, attention, and non-verbal communication through eye-tracking.

Areas of interest:
multi-modal sensory perception, hidden senses, information processing, biodiversity

I am working on:

I am co-directing Summer Fellowships with Backyard Brains, where we invite undergraduates to perform their own scientific investigations and present the results at local or global conferences and/or publish it in peer-reviewed journals. I participate in events that promote open science, scientific literacy, and strengthening of the link between science and society. As co-founder of the science collective Hirnkastl, I am giving science lectures at schools, open events, and universities. We prototyped a Biodiversity Citizen Science project called ERGo!, where we perform electrophysiological recordings of insects and plants to investigate their health, visual sensitivity, and environmental interactions.

I have worked on:

Physiology: In vivo whole cell patch clamp recordings and two-photon calcium imaging.

Pharmacology: Immunohistochemistry to identify neurotransmitters and cell dye-fills to investigate gap-junctions.

Modeling: I used simple mathematic models to improve my understanding of arithmetic calculations in visually sensitive neurons.


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