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Jimena Zapata

My name is Jimena Zapata. I am a practising lawyer and a doctoral researcher in a Cotutele bi-national programme between the Faculty of Philosophy – Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich (LMU – Germany) and the Faculty of Philosophy – University of Granada (UGR – Spain). I work on an Experimental Philosophy project at the Cognition, Values and Behavioural Research group, under Prof Ophelia Deroy and Prof Neftalí Villanueva’s supervision.

Areas of interest:

Philosophy of Language | Social Epistemology | Hate Speech | Human Values and Behaviour | Neglect and Responsibility | Philosophy of Mind and Perception | Business Ethics | Public Policies | Philosophy of Law


I am working on:

I am currently examining the mechanisms of Speech harm by focusing on silence. Using experimental methodology from cognitive sciences, together with my collaborators, we seek to provide empirical evidence about the bystanders-silent-response effect in Hate Speech incidences. We explore whether that omission to act might cause more significant harm to victims and society.Our proposal takes distance from others, only committed to stiffer criminal sanctions as a proper response to those discriminatory and derogatory discourses. Instead, we want to outstand social involvement in counter-speech as a reliable and crucial alternative in reducing their harmful impact. Our approach is clearly interdisciplinary, combining in our analysis a legal and a philosophical perspective. 

I have worked on:

Legal: I have over 15 years of experience in International Business and Civil Law. I hold a Master in Legal Practice (University of Valencia), a Master in Tax Consultancy and Financial Management (University of Granada) and a Master in International Cooperation and Public Policies (University of Granada).

Humanities: I obtained a bachelor in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature (University of Granada), a Postgraduate Certification in Cultural Management (University of Vienna) and a Master in Logic and Philosophy of Science (University of Granada). I wrote my thesis under the title “The Context-Dependence of Normative Terms in Spanish Supreme Court Judgments”. 


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