About me

Jurgis Karpus

I completed my PhD in philosophy at King’s College London and am now a postdoctoral researcher in the Cognition, Values, Behaviour and the Crowd Cognition research groups at LMU Munich. My research lies at the intersection of philosophy, economics, and psychology. In particular, I focus on rational choice and game theory. I am primarily interested in the modes of reasoning by which we arrive at personal decisions when we socially interact with fellow humans and artificial agents.

Areas of interest:
Rational choice, game theory, nudge, human-AI interaction

I am working on:
  • Human-AI interaction. I investigate whether we are as likely to trust, take risks, and cooperate with artificial intelligence (AI) systems as we do with fellow humans. For more on this and related projects, please visit the page of our research network www.ai-partners.org.
  • Deception in advice-giving. I study the emergence of strategic deception in advice-giving when multiple advisers compete for our attention.
  • Nudge. I evaluate when and whether nudge-based policies are the most effective and appropriate tools to influence our choices.
  • Team reasoning. I am developing the theory of team reasoning to explain why and when we cooperate with others.
I have worked on:
  • Intertemporal choice. In my PhD dissertation, I use the theory of team reasoning to account for our ability to overcome temptations through self-control.


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