About me

My name is Justin Sulik.

Areas of interest:
Psychology of science; science denial; cognitive bias; social learning; collective problem solving; Theory of Mind; hypothesis generation

I am working on:

I am studying the role of cognitive diversity in collective problem solving. If a group of people has differing beliefs, attitudes, values, or approaches to problem solving, how does this diversity affect group outcomes?

I have worked on:

I have several ongoing projects studying the role of cognitive biases and individual differences in the formation and spread of misbeliefs (such as science denial); in the generation and evaluation of explanations; in communication; and in social learning


Furl, N., Begum, F., Sulik, J., Farrarese, F. P., Janes, S. Woolley, C. (2020). Face space representations of movement. NeuroImage, 212, 116676.

Motamedi, Y., Little, H., Nielsen, A. & Sulik, J. (2019). The iconicity toolbox: empirical approaches to measuring iconicity. Language and Cognition, 147(11), 1619-1640.

Sulik J. & Lupyan G. (2018). Perspective taking in a novel signaling task: effects of world knowledge and contextual constraint. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 147(11), 1619-1640.

Sulik J. (2018). Cognitive mechanisms for inferring the meaning of novel signals during symbolisation. PLOS ONE, 13 (1), e0189540. 

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