About me

Lenka Gorman

My name is Lenka Gorman. I have completed my BSc (Hons) in physiotherapy at King’s Colledge London. During my time as a physiotherapist at Fairview Psychiatric Hospital in Dublin, I obtained an MSc in Neuroscience from Trinity College Dublin.  I joined the LMU Philosophy of Mind and CVBE in 2020. My primary interest lies in exploring essential structures encompassing the incoming act of being touched and their influence on our mental health.

Areas of interest:
Perception, touch cognition, perception-cognition interactions,  mental wellbeing.

I am working on:

In my research, I am particularly interested in the wondrous ways we consciously interpret and predict consensual incoming touch, whether they differ for different individuals, and whether they can be positively shaped.

I have worked on:


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