About me

My name is Louis Longin. I started my PhD in philosophy at the LMU and the CVBE in 2019. I am a bidt-Fellow and work on perception at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence.

Areas of interest:
Philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence, robophilosophy, cognitive architectures, computational modelling

I am working on:

… the conceptual implications of integrating AI into sensory augmentation (substitution, extension …)

…experimental study on the change responsibility attribution given a different output of an accompanying AI system

I have worked on:

… sketching a suitable theory of agency for AI that can differentiate between instances of agential capacities such as Terminator vs room-cleaning robots.


Longin, L. (Accepted/In press). Towards a middle-ground theory of agency for artificial intelligence. In M. Norsov, & J. Seibt (Eds.), Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications: In Culturally Sustainable Robotics: Proceedings of Robophilosophy 2020 / TRANSOR 2020 (Vol. 313). IOS PRESS.


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CVBE Projects

This project explores what happens when AI’s computational power, artificial sensory and the human senses are brought together. While improving existing sensory augmentation devices, as found in sensory substitution and extension, we believe that AI-driven sensory augmentation devices ground a new conceptual category of sensory augmentation.

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