About me

My name is Louis Longin. I started my PhD in philosophy at the LMU and the CVBE in 2019. I am a bidt-Fellow and work on perception at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence.

Areas of interest:
Philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence, robophilosophy, cognitive architectures, computational modelling

I am working on:

… the conceptual implications of integrating AI into sensory augmentation (substitution, extension …)

…experimental study on the change responsibility attribution given a different output of an accompanying AI system

I have worked on:

… sketching a suitable theory of agency for AI that can differentiate between instances of agential capacities such as Terminator vs room-cleaning robots.


Longin, L. (2020). Towards a middle-ground theory of agency for artificial intelligence. In M. Norsov, & J. Seibt (Eds.), Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications: In Culturally Sustainable Robotics: Proceedings of Robophilosophy 2020 / TRANSOR 2020 (Vol. 313). IOS PRESS.


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