About me

I work on free will, folk-psychology and the neuroscience of decision-making & action control 

Areas of interest:
Epistemology, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Neuroscience, Experimental Philosophy.

I am working on:

My work focus concerns free will and probabilities. Specifically, I am engaged in how the philosophical ‘problem of luck’ affect our understanding of free will in light of probabilistic models of decision-making.

I have worked on:

I have previously worked on the problem of causal deviance. More recently I have worked on interpretations of scientific models, specifically with a focus on whether we have sufficient reason to interpret probabilistic models in terms of ontological indeterminism. I have also conducted an experimental study to investigate which philosophical concept of free will best fit the common-sense notion of lay-people.


Epistemic Virtues and Underdetermination: When Should We Be Indeterminists?  (under review)

Free Will Properly Understood: Folk Conceptions are Incompatibilist, but not Hard Incompatibilist (under review)

Dualists and Physicalists only Superficially Disagree About Free Will (under review)

Recursive Decisions, Indeterminism, and Luck (in preparation)

CVBE Projects