About me

Nadine Meertens

My name is Nadine Meertens. I got my bachelor’s degree in Arts and Culture at Maastricht University. Following this I obtained my master’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Bern, where I looked at concept possession and attribution, comparing the literature on AI and animals. I joined the Cognition, Values and Behavioural Research group in 2023 as a PhD student. My main interest lies in philosophy of mind and philosophy of science. During my PhD I will research models of collaborative awareness.

Areas of interest:
Philosophy of Mind; Artificial Intelligence; Animal Cognition; Awareness; Comparative Cognition; Philosophy of Science

I am working on:

Collaborative awareness 

I will contribute to a project looking at emergent awareness in AI collectives (EMERGE). Central to my research is the formulation of a philosophical framework of collaborative awareness that can be applied to a variety of robots and AI systems.

I have worked on:

Concept Possession in AI and Animals

I wrote my master thesis on concept possession and attribution, comparing the literature on animal cognition and artificial intelligence. The focus being on how we might be able to decide whether a being possesses concepts, and the criteria to be met, or abilities required, for having conceptual representations.


CVBE Projects