About me

Oriane Armand

My name is Oriane Armand and I am a neurobiologist. I am now part of he Graduate School of Systemic Neuroscience (GSN) at LMU Munich where I conduct my PhD on confidence in value-based choices. 

Areas of interest:
Confidence in perceptual, economical and moral choices / Bounded rationality / Perspective taking / Executive control / Learning and enhancement. 

I am working on:

In my PhD I investigate what makes us confident in our preferential choices. In other words, I am interested in studying this inner compas that tells us when our preferences and actions are aligned together, and whether this monitoring system works just as well in different types of choices. I conduct experiments and use modelling technics to study how we introscpet on our choices when they are either as concrete as food we would like to eat, or as abstract as moral views we wish to support. 

I have worked on:

As an undergraduate I focussed my research on the neurobiology of neuroplasticity (Dr. Gilestro and Dr. Southall, Impaerial College) and on measuring human consciousness with electroencephalography (Prof. Massimini, University of Milan). For my master thesis I joined Dr. Fleming’s lab (UCL) to study the effect that our motor action has on our ability to evaluate our choices. As a research assistant I then studied how confidence is shaped across different perceptual modalities before coming to LMU Munich to propose a doctoral project on the study of confidence in value-based choices under the supervision of Prof. Deroy and Dr. de Martino (UCL).


J. Navajas, O. Armand, R. Moran, O. Deroy, B. Bahrami (2020). Diversity of opinions and herding behaviour in uncertain crowds, (preregistration) Royal Society Open Science.

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