About me

rubina chandnani

I joined Cognition, Values, Behaviour (CVBE) and the Crowd Cognition research group at the end of 2022, as a Research Assistant at LMU Munich. Prior to joining LMU, I worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Stuttgart at the Department of Sport Psychology and Movement Sciences between 2021 and 2022. My academic and research background are in psychology, clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience. I’m particularly interested in how olfaction can influence social interactions in a joint decision-making task.

Areas of interest:
memory, perception, olfaction, metacognition.

I am working on:

I’m working on a pilot study using an adaptation of the Flanker task in a public and private space. I’m conducting research to examine if the social context can modify attentional selection. To this end, I want to reproduce the Flanker effect with a target and a distractor in two hemifields.

I have worked on:

During my master’s degree programmes (July 2017 and 2018), I carried out my dissertation with a research group called ‘Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit’ in Barcelona (Spain), specializing in memory processes.

From October 2017-July 2018, the hypothesis of the master’s project was to investigate the onset of retrieval processes that differentiated true from false memories.

From October 2016-July 2017, the hypothesis of the master’s project was to investigate how 3 different time dimensions (yesterday, a month ago, and a year ago) would influence how people encoded other people’s past experiences in their memory representation.


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