About me

rubina chandnani

Rubina Chandnani is a researcher with a background in psychology, clinical psychology, behavioural and cognitive neurosciences. She holds a Master of Research degree in Behaviour and Cognition and a Master’s degree in Neuroscience. Currently a Research Assistant at LMU in Munich, her research focuses on attentional selection, response conflict, and cognitive processes, particularly in the social context.

Areas of interest:
memory, attention, cognitive processes, solo perception, joint perception.

I am working on:

I’m working on a pilot study using an adaptation of the Flanker task in a public and private space. I’m conducting research to examine if the social context can modify attentional selection. To this end, I want to reproduce the Flanker effect with a target and a distractor in two hemifields.

I have worked on:

During my master’s degree programmes (July 2017 and 2018), I carried out my dissertation with a research group called ‘Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit’ in Barcelona (Spain), specializing in memory processes.

From October 2017-July 2018, the hypothesis of the master’s project was to investigate the onset of retrieval processes that differentiated true from false memories.

From October 2016-July 2017, the hypothesis of the master’s project was to investigate how 3 different time dimensions (yesterday, a month ago, and a year ago) would influence how people encoded other people’s past experiences in their memory representation.


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