About me

My name is Sofiia Rappe, and I am a Neurophilosophy PhD student at the Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences (GSN) and the Faculty of Philosophy at LMU Munich.

Areas of interest: 

philosophy of mind, language & cognitive science(s), predictive processing, perception-cognition interaction, consciousness, conceptual thought, and artificial minds

I am working on:

My doctoral project investigates the possibility of extension of the predictive processing framework to higher-order cognitive processes such as conceptual thinking. 

I have worked on:

Before joining CVBE, I wrote my MSc thesis on prediction and efficient language processing at the University of Edinburgh (see publications). 

Previously, I have also worked at the Consciousness and Wisdom Studies Lab and Technologies for Aging Gracefuly Lab, both at the University of Toronto. In the former, I was involved in a project investigating the relationship between altered states of consciousness, transformative experiences, and well-being. In the latter, I was part of the team developing a social communication app for elderly people with mild cognitive impairments.


Rappe, S. (2019). Now, Never, or Coming Soon? Prediction and Efficient Language Processing. Pragmatics & Cognition. [view here]

Rappe, S. (2020). Brain-Mind [Review of the book Brain-Mind: From Neurons to Consciousness and Creativity, by P. Thagard]. Metapsychology Online Reviews[view here]

Under review or in preparation 

Rappe, S. (under peer review). Predictive minds can think: Addressing generality and surface composi- tionality of thought.

Deroy, O. & Rappe, S. (under peer review). The clear and not so clear signatures of perceptual reality in the Bayesian brain.

Deroy, O., Loev S., & Rappe, S. (in preparation). Confidence is embodied: Affective and communicative rationality.

Rappe, S. & Wilkinson S. (in preparation). Counterfactual cognition in the predictive brain: a return to psychosis as a disorder of reality monitoring?

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