How do we perceive our own choices? Confidence levels report how we subjectively evaluate our own choices. Such ability to know when we do well defines how we invest in our choices, learn from them and even how we influence others with our expertise. But what makes us confident in our choices really?


Confidence in economic and moral choices.

Do we have the same ability to reflect on our choices whether they concern our personal pleasure versus morality? What does it mean for our overall behaviour and the way we act as societies?

Confidence in different types of moral choices.

If some philosophers argue that there are universal pillars of morality, does that mean that it’s just as easy to know when we chose right, when our choices concerns either harm or purity?


Oriane Armand
Oriane Armand

Topic Lead on confidence 

Anita Keshmirian
Anita Keshmirian

Confidence across different moral choices