What would you like for lunch? Which charity do you wish to support? Some of such choices may be easy, some difficult. How sure are you then that you are making the right choice?


Keywords: Preferences, Value-based decisions, Moral decisions, Rational choice, Metacognition 


Our investigation here concerns the feeling of confidence that people have when they make decisions, and try and optimise their subjective preferences. By contrast with our confidence in perceptual decisions, there is nothing to get objectively right or wrong, but we hypothesize here that we are still tracking a standard of subjective consistency.

At this stage we are:

• Testing how good people are at tracking the consistency of their choices across different domains (moral and hedonic)

• Arguing that confidence in preferential choices is not that different from confidence in perceptual choices

• Extending these findings to self-control, and how well we manage to follow our preferences.

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Some related publications from the BDM lab, which collaborates on this project :

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Oriane Armand
Oriane Armand

Project Lead

Ophelia Deroy
Ophelia Deroy


Benedetto de Martino
Benedetto de Martino