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The current covid-19 crisis has reopened some of the core questioning of psychology: how do humans behave in response to threat? Can they be urged to behave differently? Panic and selfish behaviour are usually thought to be the prevalent responses to perceived danger. However, people affiliate and seek social contact even more when exposed to a threat.


Sulik, Justin , Deroy, Ophelia , Dezecache, Guillaume , Newson, Martha , Zhao, Yi, El Zein, Marwa, Tunçgenç, Bahar (in press). Trust in science boosts approval, but not following of COVID-19 rules.

Tunçgenç, B., El Zein, M., Sulik, J., Newson, M., Zhao, Y., Dezecache, G., & Deroy, O. (2021). Social influence matters: We follow pandemic guidelines most when our close circle does. British Journal of Psychology.

Dezecache, G., Frith, C. D., & Deroy, O. (2020). Pandemics and the great evolutionary mismatch, Current Biology, 30, 1-3.

Ophelia Deroy
Ophelia Deroy
Justin Sulik
Bahar Tuncgenc
Bahar Tunçgenç
Guillaume Dezecache
Guillaume Dezecache
Martha Newson, Yi Zhao, Marwa El Zein, Chris D. Frith